William Keckler
Jan 30, 2022

I should text you
I should call you one day
I should write a letter
from another century to you
on paper that was once a tree
innocent as we were once
moving through the same rooms
the same sunlight
it’s been so many years
much moonlight has washed it away
moonlight has bathed us clean
your shoulders and mine
washed of whatever sins
I had and yours and ours
look the stars have just appeared
everything is light
on its way somewhere else
so were we, I guess
I’ll just beam you good wishes
you’ll feel them somehow
the way a tree feels even starlight
down under its tough bark
but can’t really say
thanks for the shine



William Keckler

Writer, visual artist. Books include Sanskrit of the Body, which won in the U.S. National Poetry Series (Penguin).