I Have a Haiku Up Today at the Great Daily Mag Haikuniverse

I really love how Rick Lupert curates this and I love seeing what he’s found to share each day. My haiku is here.

Here’s some background to the journal. If you subscribe, you will get daily haiku.

Here’s a little background on the site:

haikuniverse has published a haiku or micro-poem every day since July 31, 2015. We have a broad understanding of what a haiku is that extends beyond the traditional eastern definition, sometimes embracing the western understanding of the term, and sometimes delving into what some might call micro-poetry. Click submit to submit a haiku or micro-poem. Click subscribe to receive the daily haiku or micro-poem via email. Follow us on Twitter here. Like our page on Facebook here. haikuniverse is a project of Poetry Super Highway and is edited by Rick Lupert.


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William Keckler

Writer, visual artist. Books include Sanskrit of the Body, which won in the U.S. National Poetry Series (Penguin). https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/532348.