William Keckler
Sep 30, 2023
Photo Credit: Pexels

The clouds only seem
to rest on the windowsill,
to visit this room
open to the idea of sky.

A small child might wave
hello at the strange cloud
that looks like a giraffe.
A friendship has begun

and it will exactly match
the attention span of two entities.
It could be forty years
or, as here, forty seconds.

The giraffe never dissolves
in the child’s mind.
That happens out of sight.
The child will grow up

and never know
a tiny part inside her
is still waiting for the cloud giraffe.
Because the break-up was mutual

and without rancor.



William Keckler

Writer, visual artist. Books include Sanskrit of the Body, which won in the U.S. National Poetry Series (Penguin).